About Vape Family

About Vape Family

Established in 2013, we are the OG vaping source. We originated as a Brick & Mortar, evolving by way of hands on discovery and interacting directly with our beloved customers. Through years of dedicated exploration and an implicit desire to remain distinctly knowledgeable, we have come to provide our consumers with what we can proudly call, the best vaping has to offer. 

We released VapeFamily.Com in an effort to accommodate and serve our local customers, as well as our vaping brothers and sisters throughout the USA. Quality and customer satisfaction are among our top priorities when serving you online or in store. 

Our mission is simple; Provide everyone with unmatchable customer service and satisfaction through knowledge and pricing. We stock only the highest caliber e-liquids, hardware, batteries, etc.  We don’t settle for hype, we will only sell you what’s right!  Your absolute satisfaction is regarded above all else. We have worked tirelessly since our genesis to relate to those new to the vape game and enthusiasts alike, relaying our personal know how and understanding in an effort to make your vaping experience more enjoyable.

We thank you for your support and business.