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Manggo Boba E Juice 30ml

Manggo Boba E Juice 30ml..


MYLK - Banana Milk - 30ml

MYLK  - Banana Milk - 30mlBanana Milk Shake/banana split​..


MYLK - Caramel Almond - 30ml

MYLK  - Caramel Almond - 30mlCaramel Drizzle, Almond Crème..


Proper - Black Label 30ml

Black Label 30ml from ProperAn exquisite blend of tobacco enhanced with liquors accompanied with swe..


Proper - Blue Label 30ml from Proper

Blue Label 30ml from ProperA Delicious brown sugar butter cake with a unique whipped topping and sid..


Proper - Green Label 30ml from Proper

Green Label 30ml from ProperA refreshing sweet blend of twelve fruits and herbs balanced to create p..


Proper - Red Label 30ml from Proper

Red Label 30ml from ProperA strawberry and nutella cheesecake crepe with a decadent  drizzle, a..


Stimulus - First Kiss - 30ml

Stimulus - First Kiss - 30mlFlavor Profile: Explosive mix of sweet strawberries and sour kiwi ..


Stratus - Surge E Juice 15ml

Stratus - Surge E Juice 15mlStrawberry cake pops...


Stratus - Whirlwind E Juice 15ml

Stratus - Whirlwind E Juice 15mlOatmeal toffee cookie crunch...


Taffy Man - B1G APL - 30ml

Taffy Man - B1G APL - 30mlSour green apple taffy. ..


Taffy Man - GR8PE - 30ml

Taffy Man - GR8PE - 30mlGrape Taffy. ..


Taffy Man - H2OBRY - 30ml

Taffy Man - H2OBRY - 30ml A surge of watermelon with soft undertones of strawberry taffiness...


Taffy Man - K3NANA- 30ml

Taffy Man - K3NANA- 30mlBanana candy flavor with a taffy base..


Taffy Man - TR4BLU - 30ml

Taffy Man - TR4BLU - 30mlBlue Raspberry Taffy. ..


Thai Boba by Jazzy Boba - 30ml

Thai Boba by Jazzy Boba  - 30mlThai Boba by Jazzy Boba is a refreshing thai milk tea with cheww..