Genesys DNA 200 Battey


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Battery for Genesys DNA 200

Battery : Lipo battery 3 x 1500mAh

*Below are some important safety cautions for Vapes :

  1. If using a mechanical mods, know the amperage limit of your battery, don’t out too much of strain on it.
  2. Batteries with torn wrapper need to be replaced.
  3. Don’t leave your batteries in your car.
  4. Don’t keep your batteries on your pocket with loose change or keys.
  5. Do keep your batteries in approved batteries case when not in use.
  6. Keep your battery charger in a place where you can keep your eye on it.
  7. Excessive heat (over 80F) and cold(less than 40F) are bad for batteries.
  8. Battery eventually wear out, and need to be replaced every 3-6 moths, depending on use and battery quality.

Genesys DNA 200 Battey

  • Brand: Genesys
  • Product Code: Genesys
  • $30.00

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