Dual Function USB Cable - High Quality.

2 in 1 for both USB Data transfer and Charging.

Choose from colors :  Silver with cord that has silver/black twist

                                       Gold plug with gold cord

High Quality last much stronger than ordinary cables.

  • 3 ft length
  • 2 Tips: Apple 8-Pin Lightning and Micro-USB connectors.
  • Nylon braided jacket.
  • Aluminum foil shield.
  • Flexible PVC jacket.
  • For resolving data transmission and charging.
  • Special material can bear high temperature.
  • USB 2.0/3.0 compatible

2 Tips For

  • iPhone Phones (Apple 8-Pin Lightning)
  • Android Phones (Micro-USB)

Dual Function USB Cable - High Quality.

  • $7.00

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